Worship Ministries

Worship ministry is a wonderful way to grow in service and faith. The Good Shepherd Altar Guild is currently seeking a few new members to fill some recent vacancies. If you feel you might be called to serve as a member of one of our four Altar Guild teams, please contact the Church office, or Doug Hall or Susan Hall, the Co-Directors of the Altar Guild.

Current Worship Ministry Opportunities at Good Shepherd

Lector:  A lector reads scripture and leads prayers at a celebration of Holy Eucharist. Training for this ministry is provided on an as needed basis.

Acolyte:  An acolyte serves as Crucifier, Banner Bearer and Torch Bearer at a celebration of Holy Eucharist and assists the clergy at all worship services.

Other opportunities include:  Altar Guild (prepare the altar and the church for worship), Ushers, Greeters, Healing Prayer Ministers (one Sunday a month, pray with people after they receive Communion). For information regarding any of these worship ministries, please contact Fr. Craig MacColl or Mary Wybenga for Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Acolytes.

Musicians: We have plenty of opportunities for musicians of all abilities. Singers are welcome in both the choir and the MorningSong and EveningSong ensembles.  In addition, instrumentalists are invited to use their talents in worship as part of MorningSong and EveningSong.  See the Music Ministries page for more information about musical opportunities at Good Shepherd.

Information About Special Worship Services


Baptisms are scheduled on several Sundays throughout the year that are liturgically linked with this celebration such as the 1st Sunday after Epiphany/the Baptism of Jesus, Easter Vigil, Pentecost Sunday and All Saints Sunday (early November). We also schedule a mid-summer baptism on a date that is convenient to the families involved (usually late July or early August).  Normally, Fr. MacColl meets for 90 minutes with the parents and godparents on the Saturday prior to the baptism, at a time that is convenient to the families. Please contact the parish office if you wish to schedule a baptism.

Communion and Communion Instruction for Children

Baptized children are encouraged to receive communion at any age at the discretion of their parents. At Good Shepherd, many infants and young children receive the bread even though they don't have a cognitive understanding of the meaning of the sacrament. We support this practice since it is part of our teaching in the Episcopal Church that children associate receiving communion with being full baptized members of the Church. We also support parents' decision to delay the reception of communion until their children are older.

We offer a communion instruction class every other year as part of our Sunday School curriculum in the spring both for children who have been in the habit of receiving communion from an early age and for those who have not.


The clergy at Good Shepherd are happy to discuss wedding plans with couples. The most important thing for couples to discuss with us is their intentions for living out their wedding vows in the context of a Christian community. At the time couples request having their marriage here, they do not need to be active members of the congregation. However, Good Shepherd does not schedule weddings for couples unless they intend to seek a relationship with the congregation or intend to live out their new life in another church community. We have no specific requirements for how long a couple needs to be attending worship here before the clergy will commit to perform their marriage. The important thing is that couples are willing to begin attending worship and developing a relationship with the clergy and with the congregation.

Before making any plans for your wedding date, please call the parish office to schedule an appointment to meet with Fr. Craig MacColl, our Rector, to discuss your plans and to ensure that you are aware of the facilities, and requirements of the Episcopal Church and Good Shepherd. At this time many important details will be discussed, including the wedding rehearsal date and time, requirements, and financial consideration.


Funerals at Good Shepherd can be scheduled at any time other than Sundays. The best time is often in the late morning, which allows friends and family to take time off from work to attend. Funerals may be scheduled on Saturdays since this is a time when most people are free to attend. If you experience a death in your family, please contact the church office as soon as possible so planning for the funeral can begin. Once you have contacted the church office and scheduled a time to meet with clergy, you will be instructed to contact the church organist, Dr. Stephen Fiess, and the parish Flower Coordinator, Lori DeLue, in order to make arrangements for the service.