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Posted 5 days 10 hours ago | Pasture Tales

Several of the questions in our recent on-line Spiritual Inventory asked parishoners whether or not they felt that clergy and lay leaders provided them with the direction and guidance they felt they needed to grow in their spiritual lives. The majority of people who answered this question responded that they didn't feel that the church had done enough to provide a clear path for them to grow in their relationship with God. As hard as it was for me to read these reponses, I think I understand some of the reasons why many feel unsupported. 

Posted 2 months 4 weeks ago | Pasture Tales

At a recent High Plains Region lunch honoring Parish Administrators, attendees were asked what the biggest challenge of their job was. One of the challenges of my job is helping parishioners understand what it means to grow spiritually. Over the past 36 years of ordained ministry I have found that it's very hard for Episcopal congregations to come to a consensus about what it means to be spiritual.

Posted 5 months 3 weeks ago | Pasture Tales

In a recent Covenant Bible Study discussion, five adults explored several of the Psalms and, in our discussion of Psalm 22, we wondered why it was that the psalm seemed to shift dramatically from a long list of agonizing complaints to God (several of these verses are quoted in Gospel passages of the crucifixion of Jesus) to several verses of unconstrained praise of God. Maybe, we wondered, this what happens in our lives when we are consumed by anger or grief.

Posted 8 months 4 weeks ago | Pasture Tales

My father was a historian and one of the things that I miss the most since his death in 2011 is talking with him about American politics and government. As someone who wrote his PhD thesis on the great Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Charles Evans Hughes, my dad had a wonderful perspective on the history of Federal law and the role of the Supreme Court in American political history. I would love to know what my dad would have thought about the current debate going on about the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice.

Posted 10 months 3 weeks ago | Pasture Tales

Growing up with a father who was a private school headmaster, I've always looked forward to the fall and the beginning of school. At Good Shepherd the fall is a special time of year, but not quite the same as in year's past. With the start of school and children's sports programs, with the increase in fall travel by our retired parishioners, and with the beautiful fall weather in Colorado, life is much quieter around the church than it was when I was first ordained. Having said that, there are some wonderful things that go on at Good Shepherd this time of year.

Posted 1 year 1 month ago | Pasture Tales

Deacon Alwen Bledsoe, our Youth and Family Minister, will be ordained to the priesthood on June 18 and I want to share with you how her role will be changing at Good Shepherd.

Posted 1 year 2 months ago | Pasture Tales

As we enter into the season when most weddings occur, I am reminded that many parishioners who have come into the congregation over the past two years might not be aware of where Good Shepherd stands in regard to same sex unions and weddiings.

Posted 1 year 3 months ago | Pasture Tales

Recently, our new Communications Director, DeeDee Atwood, took over responsibility for changing our lighted church sign on Dry Creek Road from parishioner Sally VanWelden, who has faithfully braved the elements for several years to change the sign messages, especially at Christmastime and Holy Week. DeeDee and I were talking about what message to post now that Holy Week and Easter Day have passed, and I suggested, "Share the Joy of Easter With Us." DeeDee commented that most people driving by wouldn't understand this because, in their minds, Easter has come and gone.