Outreach News

Support Refugees Sunday, Sept. 10!

An unprecedented number of refugees--65.6 million people from around the world--have been displaced from their homes by war, violence, and persecution. The need is greater than it has ever been, and behind that colossal number are 65.6 million stories and faces of men, women, and children whose lives will never be the same. Many of these people live in terrible conditions for years in refugee camps waiting to be welcomed into a new home country, and many children grow up knowing little more than war and the uncertainty and poor conditions of over-crowded camps.

Pumpkin Patch Is Coming; Tina Hubbard Joins Leadership Team

In June, Good Shepherd was saddened to learn that Jackie Bond, last year's co-director of the Pumpkin Patch outreach fundraiser, is moving to Melbourne, Florida to be closer to her son. Words can't describe the contribution Jackie has made to the smooth and efficient operation of the Patch over the last several years. With Jackie's departure, we are very happy to report that parishoner and long-time Pumpkin Patch volunteer, Tina Hubbard, will be stepping in to co-lead the Patch with Sally VanWelden. 

Help Make Jamaicia Bags for Medical/Dental Mission Next Winter

The Jamaica 2017 Medical and Dental mission trip was a huge success. It is time to start sewing for Jamaica 2018.  There are baskets of precut fabrics and instruction sheets on the table in the hallway. Samples are available to examine.  If you don’t have “cording” available to you, don’t worry about it.  We have several different kinds of cording available to us—ribbon, twine, braid etc.    However, we could use more.  So if you are cleaning out that ribbon/rope/cording drawer—we can use them.  Just leave them on the table by the baskets.

Service Sundays May Be Coming Soon!

Love serving others but wonder where to start? Or struggle to make the time to do outreach projects or find family-friendly places to volunteer? Good Shepherd would like to help.

Good Shepherd Participates in St. Gabriel's Community Work Day

Good Shepherd was invited to participate with St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Cherry Hills Village in their 12th annual community work day on Saturday, March 4. Approximately 70 people arrived at St. Gabriel’s at 8 AM to participate in the work day, including 13 parishioners from Good Shepherd.  Those included Alwen Bledsoe and her family, Tina and Randy Hubbard, Gretchen and Richard Sigafoos, J.C.

Join Churches From Our Region For a Community Work Day on March 4

St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Cherry Hills Village has invited Good Shepherd to participate with them in a community workday on Saturday, March 4, 2017.  In its 12th year, St. Gabriel’s has entitled this day "St. Gabriel’s Reach Out Weekend" (SGROW).  Good Shepherd has always listed outreach as one of our highest priorities, and this is an excellent opportunity to do outreach jointly with one of our neighboring Episcopal Churches.